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My Book

By Aquapig | 0 Comments

My BookInside Cover:This book is for you. You do not have to show this book to me or anyone else. If you do show this book to me, I will not show it to anyone else.You can write or draw anything that you want in this book.You can stop writing in this book whenever you want. [...]

The Price Is Right

By CastIronCreed | 0 Comments

Thirty fucking years.30 fucking years I waited for this.They called my name. I made it, somehow, I made it.Then, for a stupid pizza oven I didn’t even fucking want, my bid was dead on. Bulls eye. Everyone else went too low. The price was 2895.00 and my bid was 2800. [...]

The Bridge of Nine Doors

By Xacktar | 0 Comments

A disaster predicted by a prophetic tome is about to be released upon the world: the complete and utter collapse of all magic. Through misfortune and circumstance, a sheltered priest is forced to recruit a band of uniquely skilled individuals to stop this from happening.

Complicit: Chapter One

By TrevorZaple | 0 Comments

The knock came at the door at three in the morning. It was soft and patient, more of a tapping than anything else. It took Darren twenty minutes to get from his bed to the door. In between, there was a lifetime of dread, paralysis, fear. [...]