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Path of Least Resistance

By JCSawyer | 0 Comments

In only a short time, London has become unrecognisable, with a shadowy group patrolling the streets. For Joe, desperate to solve the mystery that plagues him, there’s nothing to fear. But resistance isn’t always the unwaveringly honourable line in the sand it once seemed.

We sleep when you are all dead

By Melonchello | 0 Comments

James and Luca face a very different struggle to survive at either end of a dying civilisation. The decisions made on their individual journeys will change everything, forever. One will travel half the world. The other will sacrifice all he has.

[PI] Fey Nation

By amp089 | 0 Comments

In a future not too far from our own, two nations face down to determine if they will find peace or go to war. In the midst of their negotiations, the leader of Normicai becomes ill. It is possible that his illness is terminal and could spread causing a nation-wide epidemic.

A Memory of Elephants in Oklahoma

By JohnHadrian | 0 Comments

My grandpa used to tell me about the time he followed the railroad halfway to Oklahoma City and instead lost the last two fingers on his right hand. It was the night he snuck out the back door, and I believe it was the spring just after his little brother Danny died. [...]