I found the man hiding in the barn-house.

He was backed up against the corner, trying to move some crates to use as a barricade when I entered. His head whipped around, before meeting my gaze and shrieking. I stalked towards him.

"Wh-why, Wayne? How could you...?" he stammered, wide-eyed and backing away. I could taste the fear. "Those things you did to that family... so much blood..." he trailed off, in shock. "Beautiful, wasn't it?" I smiled, wickedly. I hefted the Battle Axe I took from the dead blacksmith. I could hear shouts coming from a distance. The City guard was finally approaching - I guess they received my Hawk message.This City lay about ten miles south of the nearest land with any form of military. The guards here hadn't put up much of a fight. I buried my axe in his face. The noise of steel on flesh... was unlike any other. The axe bathed in blood, I swung again. And again. And again. The screams had long since died out.

Finally, I wiped my sweat-stricken brow, covering my face in crimson blood, picked up the body, and walked back outside to the main building.I passed a cracked mirror as I entered the corridor. My sharp nose, copper hair, and wicked smile, covered in smatterings of red.I walked over to the bar in the Inn, and hung the body up on a hook, with the many others. The sounds of the guards were much sharper now, some even approaching the building. Well, I did say that "I" would be here, now I just to make sure they aren't disappointed. I could still hear the murmurs and fearful shrieks coming from the locked cupboard. I sauntered over to it, unlocked it, and gazed upon the pathetic contents inside. I un-gagged him, unbound him, and he looked at me in sheer, abject horror. I smiled at him, before morphing into a small mosquito. With my many lenses, I stared at that face.

That sharp nose. That copper hair. That look of realisation. The guards came pouring in.

It's all just a practical joke, to me.

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