Filmmaker's Wives

Leslie Mann is Linda McCartney.

Literally the only reason she's around is she married the right guy. Judd Apatow makes warmed over, trite pop signatures that aren't very good but know how to attach themselves to the current fad.

Helena Bonham Carter is Olivia Harrison.

Wouldn't want to mess with her in a dark alley. Or anywhere else. When you marry a legit talent, you run out of fucks to give.

Emma Thomas is Barbara Bach.

Sure. When your husband redefines Batman, you can do your thing. Just as long as your husband keeps getting a pop.

Kathryn Bigelow is Yoko Ono.

Married to a dick but walked through fire to keep herself productive once she broke free. Doesn't give a fuck about the haters. She's too busy working to worry about whether people find her vision palatable.

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