The Bridge of Nine Doors

A disaster predicted by a prophetic tome is about to be released upon the world: the complete and utter collapse of all magic. Through misfortune and circumstance, a sheltered priest is forced to recruit a band of uniquely skilled individuals to stop this from happening.

  1. Heart of the Burning Star
  2. An Hour of Faith
  3. Losing Light
  4. Silhoette
  5. Bad Character
  6. Caravan
  7. Melicananthus
  8. Childish
  9. Gaimendell
  10. The High-break
  11. Great Concern
  12. Falling Over
  13. A Fool's Fool.
  14. Burning Frost
  15. Irritation
  16. No Longer Blind
  17. Recovery
  18. Burn and Run
  19. Place of Wonders
  20. Plenty of Time
  21. Treasured Things
  22. Mistaken
  23. Tremble and Move
  24. Dome Among the Clouds
  25. Crystal from the Sky
  26. All You Need to Know
  27. A Loud and Wild Noise
Created by Xacktar

Last Updated: 11/06/17
Originally Created: 05/05/17