The Golden Feather

I saw a feather floating by

Against the pale, blue, summer sky.

The Prettiest feather I’d ever seen,

Light gold with bits of blue and green.

I watched it float here and there,

And then plucked the feather from the air.

I held it up against the light

And watched the colors glitter bright.

Faintly I heard a delicate song,

So nice I began to hum along.

I followed the music into the trees,

The song became louder on the summer breeze.

I stumbled upon a beautiful clearing,

And found the source of the song I was hearing.

I had never before seen such a sight,

The golden bird saw me and swiftly took flight.

She landed on the nearest branch,

Every movement she made was a graceful dance.

Gold feathers glittered in the shade,

With blue like sapphire and green like jade.

“Who goes there?” she trilled in a high tone,

It looked as if she was all alone.

Needless to say, I was in a shock

I never knew a bird to talk.

I lifted the feather so she could see,

She peered out curiously from the tree.

“More feathers?” she cried,

“Is that what you need?

Because I do not respond well to greed!

I can see you have one, that’s more than enough,

If you come any closer I’ll disappear in a puff.”

“No, no, that’s not why I’m here!”

I cried, hoping she would not disappear.

“I found it floating while I sat

And I thought that you might want it back.”

The bird stood still and looked confused

“I’m sorry, that I was so rude.

Feathers like mine are very rare

Some try to hunt me without any care

The other birds like me have gone extinct

I’m the only one left ...I think.”

The bird flew gently to land at my side

I gained the bird’s trust and it filled me with pride.

“Do you have a name?” I asked the bird.

“My name is a song, it’s not simply a word.”

She began to sing a song so sweet

A mix of whistles and gentle tweets.

Suddenly, we heard another song

A little bit distant but not too far along.

It really was a beautiful tune

As bright and sunny as a day in June

“Do you know what this means?”

The bird said with a shriek.

“I’m sorry, I don’t”

The bird opened its beak

“There’s another like me, I’m a girl, it’s a boy.

I never knew I’d be filled with such joy.”

We followed the sound and she kept on singing

The combination of songs created a beautiful ringing.

We came to a valley all covered in daisies

And found a new bird with a pattern of paisley.

She sung her name song, louder this time

He sung a response that was nearly a rhyme

I felt to stay longer would be quite rude

This moment was perfect, I didn’t want to intrude

I set down the feather and turned away

I smiled broadly at my wonderful day

I would keep this story close to my heart.

I hoped those two birds would never part.

I was almost back home when I heard a new song

Her name mixed with his made their melody strong

“We wanted to thank you,” the birds said together

“For being so sweet, please take the feather.”

“And here’s one from me,”

Said the bird that we found

He plucked his own feather

And dropped both to the ground.

And with that they flew as high as they could

Higher than the tallest trees in the woods.

I stopped for a moment to watch them fly

Until they became two dots in the summer sky.

The sun was setting and it was time to go home

I took my two feathers and walked all alone.

I walked in the door and went to my room

And I hummed to myself the birds’ lovely tune.

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Created by AnEgginMidair

Originally Created: 24/05/14