The Axe Head (Prompt Response)

Initial prompt: As you saunter your way through the jet-black tunnel, dimly-lit by worn-out torches. a vexatious aroma filled the air. an ear shattering cry echoes against the stone paved walls.

My head whipped around, searching for any aspect of the source of that abominable cry and foul, hellish stench. I dared not call the sound that of a man, for it did not match the tonal range of one.

No, all I heard was the undying percussion of my thumping heart, which had seemingly drawn its way up to the back of my head. Yet, the only aspect that welcomed me was the crashing wave of darkness. I considered shouting, making any kind of noise to scare whatever terrible animal lurked yonder, but I found myself entirely petrified. That sound was so deeply unnatural and had etched so fierce a scorn in me that it seemed I was no longer in complete command of my own body. 

The only action I could muster all my willpower to achieve was to shakily reach to my waist and draw my small revolver out from the holster affixed there, though my arm was trembling so much I knew that, whatever happened, I would be unable to make a straight shot. The stench grew so unbearable my eyes began to water, and I blinked uncomfortably.

Then, suddenly, without so much as a sound, it was there. I dare not describe what unholy horror of antediluvian evil lay in front of me, save for it was all that which is is unclean and unnatural manifested into a physical form which should never have been. It was beyond my comprehension of terrible understanding. If what my faded memory serves me is correct, it had a fleshy, axe shaped... I dare not call it a head, certainly it was not atop the creature, but rather the only appendage my mind can understand. Fleshy pink, yet silent... and frozen, as if time itself fears this daemoniacal abomination. Its appendages extruded from its axe-head at all manner of sharp right-angles, and bent and flowed uncannily in directions which no animal of this Earth could, splayed out like a creature of the water, but of the air. In this moment of hellish incident and dizzying accident, I flinched back, blinking again. It's appendages had moved. The axe had bent back, and the incomprehensible pink digits had congregated and pointed towards me. The sheer panic that ignited within me was enough to award me back some control of my own limbs. I shuffled back, as fast as I dared, as the creature's aspect began to shrink, still frozen in that horrid stance.

Eventually, and with a sigh of pained relief, it faded into blackness, and I turned and ran back to where I had found the entrance, coming upon the night sky so suddenly I gasped in shock. After calming myself, I looked back down... and wondered if I had just led it out.

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Created by Polyrogue

Last Updated: 29/01/17
Originally Created: 28/01/17